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World Vasectomy Day

Become part of the largest

           male oriented family planning event 

                                                        in history


World Vasectomy Day aims to start a conversation around the world regarding equality in family planning between men and women. 


We seek to unite vasectomy providers, organizations that support family planning, and the men that make the courageous and generous decision to do right by themselves, their families and our future.


In 2013, World Vasectomy Day was born with the help of co-founders Jonathan Stack and Dr. Doug Stein.


In 2014, 500 doctors, in 32 countries, performed 3000 vasectomies.





The Vasectomist

A urologist from Florida on a mission to save the planet "spreading the gospel of vasectomy". A modern day Don Quixote; part dreamer and part visionary committed to the impossible quest of lowering population on the planet, one vasectomy at a time.


Dr Doug Stein travels to Haiti, the Philippines and throughout the state of Florida, tirelessly advocating for men to take responsibility for family planning. While the mathematical absurdity of his vasectomy mission haunts his every procedure, the questions Doug raises about the future of humankind are critical to our collective wellbeing.

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