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A Forest Grows in Haiti is a large scale transmedia effort that starts with the production of a local TV series built by Haitians, for Haitians. The objective is that through entertaining storytelling with a social message, and an interactive platform, we will transform engaged viewers into active social participants on behalf of one of Haiti's most dire challenges: deforestation.

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The Method:

The storyline is based upon the Entertainment-Education model, developed by Mexican producer, Miguel Sabido, and referred to as the 'Sabido Method.' Supported by theories of behavior and communication, this strategy has proven to promote pro-social behavior when implemented in a variety of contexts across the globe. Working in partnership with the Haitian Government, the UNDP, additional international organizations, community groups and NGO’s, we are committed, not only to entertain, but to inspire a nationwide campaign to plant a Memorial Forest in honor of those lost in slavery. The TV series will be complimented by weekly radio debriefs that will help teachers transform our entertainment program into an educational opportunity. 


Our goal is to transfer the skills needed so that the Haitian Film/T.V. industry can continue producing Creole language content in the future. After 5 years training, collaborating with and supporting Haitian production, our promise is to leave behind: 


  • a blueprint for innovation

  • the skill sets to manage future projects

  • an experienced workforce prepared to build an innovative media industry. 










A special thanks to HIVE lighting

for their generous support

"Local technicians work together with the foreign crew, that allows them all to share their experiences. It’s the beginning of an industry."

- Belony Jean Pierre, Camera


Set in an imaginary village, Ford Tizon is the home of a community caught between poverty and their deep seeded reverence for the land...

Reginald  is a young

artist who loves his community.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.14.40 PM
Reginald during Production

Nathalie  is a young student and daughter of the Diaspora, living in the neighboring city of Lachance.

The two lovers will have to work together and learn about their own land to save the community...

"My motivation for the environment will grow once I have Nathalie by my side. She is going to fall in love with Nature and together we will succeed" - Lucner Garraud, Actor playing Reginald

Mama Rose is the spiritual leader of the community.

Mama Rose
Mama Rose
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.14.21 PM

"She works with the leaves, water, and land. That's where she believes our power is present." 

- Marie Maud DuClair, Actress playing Mama Rose

Guito is obsessed with turning his community into a slave of the needs of the city.

"I love creating stories with social messages. What motivates me the most is the fact that this story has social depth. Secondly, I think it’s time for Haitian cinema and Haitian actors to reach a greater level." - David Charlier, Actor playing Guito

A Forest Grows in Haiti adheres to the elements that make a TV series popular, while exploring essential themes for Haitian communities, including reforestation, gender equality, and disaster resilience.  


Branching out of the 'good guy/bad guy' archetypes and introducing flawed, yet beautiful, protagonists to whom viewers can relate inspires the audience to engage with the real life implications of the storyline through concrete social action.

Many Thanks to Our Supporters

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