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Angola Prison

There’s a long winding road that ends at the gates of one of America’s oldest and most storied prisons.  A slave plantation from the 1700s, and a prison since 1901, today it is home to 6,300 inmates.


I came here the first time in 1996 to make a film about a man on death row.  I have returned consistently for nearly 20 years, compelled to tell the stories of these men, most of whom are serving sentences so long they will die here.

Seventy-five inmates from Angola Prison and Louisiana Correctional Institution for Women, come together to perform the largest prison production of The Passion Play ever.

“The Louisiana Correctional Institute is located in the swamps of southern Louisiana in the small town of St. Gabriel. Built in 1970 to house an increasing population of female convicts, today it houses the state's most dangerous female prisoners and often

900 Women: Life in St. Gabriel's Womens Prison (2000)

The Angola Prison Rodeo


The Wildest Show in the South: 

The Angola Prison Rodeo


Shadows of Doubt:

State vs. 85188 Vincent Simmons

October brings rodeo season to Angola State Penitentiary. Six thousand plus gather at the prison to watch the inmate Cowboys risk their lives in some of the most dangerous and bizarre rodeo events in the nation.

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